The Buttercup Center


The Buttercup Center takes its name from the first sloth that we rescued and has now become the mascot and symbol of Aviarios. Buttercup is not only a principle member of Aviarios but she has also helped biologists in the research of sloth behavior.

Teach the world to love the rain forest and understand why we must protect it for the generations to come.

GOALS: Educate the public to be individually responsible for its effect on the environment.

Child with Buttercup


1. Create school programs in which children of all ages throughout Costa Rica and the world visit Aviarios Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue Center to learn firsthand about their environment and the animals they share it with, especially the sloths.

2. Raise funds to buy the remaining portion of the island in the sanctuary, and when that is fully protected, to buy more land adjacent to Aviarios for protection.

3. Create an ongoing exotic wildlife veterinary scholarship fund for Costa Rican veterinary students to travel abroad to study exotic wildlife medicine and return to work in Costa Rica, specifically at Aviarios.

4. Create a scientific research center for the study of sloths at Aviarios.

If you would like to know more about the work we are doing or would like to make a donation to support our efforts don't hesitate to Email us and if you're interested in volunteering read below:


Luis and Judy Arroyo

P.O. Box 569-7300, Limon, Costa Rica, C. A.