The Sloth Tour

The Buttercup Center offers a unique opportunity for visitors to undertake a guided journey into the slow and steady world of sloth. Guided by a member of the knowledgeable Aviarios del Caribe team, the sloth tour allows visitors to take in the sights and sounds of the center. The tour is both fun and educational for everyone, and offers a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Starting with a short video, guests are introduced to the work conducted at the center by Judy Arroyo and her team. Once the video is completed, the tour continues to greet all the current residents here at the center and to find out a little about their individual stories. This is a unique center, offering its knowledge and amazing photo opportunities to the members of the public, as well as offering the visitors the chance to ask questions and chat to Luis and Judy Arroyo, and the rest of the team here at the Buttercup Center.

* price is subject to change.

Luis and Judy Arroyo

P.O. Box 569-7300, Limon, Costa Rica, C. A.